Find out the Skateboard Sport and the Youth’s Passion

Skateboard – Still Is A Sport For People With Incomes

2009 - Year In Focus Sport

A player named Joe Skater board, said: “Investing in this passion does not come cheap.” According to Joe, a skateboard safety to be able to implement the action, often technically difficult to import from abroad (USA, Canada …) about the price gradually over 60 to 300 dollars. Besides the two truck (below planks office) costs about 50 dollars, 20 dollars the bearings, the wheels about 35 dollars … That’s not to mention the accompanying accessories such as a backpack, protective bandage, shoe Abed

  • On the market there are the boards manufactured in China, the price is only 10 dollars.
  • However, people in the industry said that the quality of this type of games is not good, prone to cracking in skis, no good balance upon landing, can increase the likelihood of accidents for longer-term new players technically prepared. “It is the right people to play genuine board shopping.
  • When performing difficult moves such as flying in the air and then landed on the ground, or jump Pop Shuvit – beating tail, rotated 180 degrees began boarding up the bench, a boarding stairs … can sometimes be broken, very dangerous “, Tommy share.
  • Prices expensive items so the majority of Vietnam Skater can shop for skis quite good in quality. Remaining other protective items such as bandages, gloves, knee bags … seems still too expensive.

Graying Skateboarders Hope to Revive

Abraham – once a new German party skater homecoming shared: “In my country, Skateboard has not been focused although a lot of people love it.” Nanoelectronics abroad is seen as a profession and bring income to players. The company organized competitions, performances and even advertising for the product lines performing skateboard through a lot, bring a large income for performers. While in my country, it is merely entertainment pleasures of youth.

  • By now, many cities still do not have many playgrounds for Skateboard. The skater often utilizes stairs, railings, small obstacles in the park, gardens … to play. For them, wherever there is open space can also become a “training ground.” But every time it rained or simply the surrounding area is too narrow, the Skater also had to … put skis. The greatest desire of the Skater still gets a playground of their own.
  • Skater majority of male, but not at the girls like to participate this adventure game. Mary Rose (born in 1998) said that although she was engaged for two months Skateboard, unrealized Ollie techniques but she was fascinated by this adventure sport.
  • Although lacking space to play, although not bring any income, despite the painful fall … always lurking, but with the skater, skateboarding has become a passion. It helps them feel the excitement, adventure each time standing on skis, feeling themselves winning every movement conquered a difficult …

Skateboard – Slide On Skate board With Passion

  • Games by beating the tail moves, sliding the tail of the young skateboard enthusiasts will make not only the skater that even pedestrians must also take a moment to linger to see this virtuoso performance. But to get those nice gestures like that, you play skateboard takes a lot of time and not at the time be injuring.
  • You Justin (a university student) said: “The first day I got on the skateboard is down. On average it takes four to five months to practice the simple movements and stand on skis. To exercise movements more difficult, depending on the time and the passion that you have for the skis. And to have nice performances a skater must have at least a year and a half to two years of training to master new skateboard.
  • Skateboarding is not an easy goal because besides playing requires your practice time is hard to avoid injury, the skin slightly heavier sometimes play to stay one to two months, although the skater has protective gear prepare very thoroughly.
  • “To become a good skater with passion is not enough, must have dogged the boarding master new and complex movements on the terrain, overcome obstacles” skater seems -In a community as there is no discrimination and bad players good, as far as Justin explained, movements of the relatively complex skateboard. This will have a good style but with other types of good people, people are coming together to cultivate more of the movements.

Skateboarding is life

  • Not only represents the collective spirit through the practice sessions, but community skater style is also known for fair play: The new old together guide training and exchanges.
  • Skateboard in many cities still mainly developed towards Street (train and street performers). Skateboarding competitions are held not more. The majority are just small gatherings, performances and technical exchanges of mutual learning. It remains equally attractive and competitive lacked.
  • Skateboard street performers there are many techniques: 50-50, Ollie, backside, frontside, Heelflip, Flip Kick … But first, we have to take some time to get used to skateboard. The first is set slithering snakes zigzagging manner. Then move through dancing Ollie – Skateboarding basic dance steps.
  • If your talent will take 1-2 months to be able to perform this action. After the jump is Ollie, the new Skater started slowly conquer higher techniques such as 50-50, Kickflip, flip Heel … and be sure to take at least six months to a year to be able to do this movement.

Particular point, the skater must learn and practice the movements, not through any school or training club does. “Rarely imitate the other person 100% of the other movements. Often the only Skater mutual exchange of experiences and the performance is the technique or how the movement is due to the way your body feels and the creativity of each person. General technical level, but how or how to perform the technique of each completely different Skater.